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Château de Lamarque

Château de Lamarque is a wonderful Haut-Médoc property which is situated on the left bank of the Gironde, to the north of Margaux, very close to the river. The owners of Château de Lamarque, Pierre-Gilles and Marie-Hélène Gromand d’Evry are determined to make the best Haut-Médoc wine possible here and have done their utmost to achieve this goal.

The Château's vineyards lie in three distinctive plots each on a gravel mound. One parcel lies within Lamarque village, just behind the church. A second is opposite Château Malescasse, further south, and then there is a sizeable parcel to the west of the road north. This part of Château de Lamarque borders Moulis and counts Châteaux Poujeaux, Maucaillou and Chasse-Spleen amongs its neighbours.

The grape planting is Cabernet Sauvignon (45%), Merlot (35%), Cabernet Franc (15%) and Petit Verdot (5%), but the proportion of each in the finished wine will vary every vintage, dependent both on the conditions of the harvest and on the percentage of vin de presse used. Recently the blend has been around 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Merlot and 5% Petit-Verdot, with the Cabernet Franc going into the property’s second wine.

Château de Lamarque is fortunate in that its proprietors, Marie-Hélène and Pierre-Gilles, are unstinting in their push towards quality and their efforts have already reaped rewards with Château de Lamarque producing ever-improving wines, consistent with the vintages and of tremendous value.

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