Château Palmer | Margaux

The Château Palmer estate in Margaux as viewed through the vineyards

Château Palmer is one of the leading wine estates in Margaux and although they are officially classified as a third growth, at their best, the wines of Château Palmer are among the greatest anywhere in Bordeaux.

The estate dates back to the 17th century, though it was not until 1814 that Englishman Charles Palmer took ownership of the château and gave it his name. In 1938, the estate was bought by four Bordeaux négociant families, two of whom - the Sichel and Mähler Besse families - own the property today.

In 2008 Château Palmer began experimenting with biodynamic farming and today they are among the leading biodynamic vineyards in Bordeaux. In addition to its vineyards, the estate is home to a diversity of complementary plants and grazing animals. The estate lies just outside the village of Margaux and its 66 hectares of vines are planted on a plateau of gravel, sand and clay soils overlooking the Gironde estuary. Plantings include equal parts of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon alongside  a small amount of Petit Verdot. Although the average age of the vines is about 40 years old, some of the vines are now over 70 years and this, along with the relatively high Merlot content and the benefits of careful, well-established biodynamic practices, account for both the richness and complexity of the wines

In addition to their Grand Vin, Château Palmer also produce a cuvée called Alter Ego. Introduced in 1998, Alter Ego is produced from grapes grown on dedicated plots and with a different blend from that of the Grand Vin. As such, Palmer regard it not as a second wine, but very much as a distinctive cuvée in its own right.