Chivite Family Estates | Navarra, Spain

Bodegas J. Chivite Family Estates is an illustrious family estate with one of the longest histories of winemaking in Spain. When current owner, Julián Chivite López, inherited the now renowned estate, not only did he acquire a much-lauded winery, but also eleven generations of experience to go with it.

It was Claudio Chivite who, in 1860, spotted the opportunity presented by the crisis in the French wine industry and began to export the family's wines to the north of Europe to cater for the sudden demand. Fast forward to the 20th Century and Julián Chivite Marco, convinced that the wine's future lay in the quest for excellence, introduced sweeping improvements and innovations throughout the winery. His dogged commitment to quality was reflected in the wines themselves, which has today left a legacy for outstanding quality, innovation and prestige.

In recent times the estate has launched the Las Fincas Rosado, created by Julián Chivite as an homage to his great friend and top Spanish chef José María Arzak.

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