Cloof Wine Estate | Darling

Cloof Wine Estate and Vineyards in Darling, South Africa

The Cloof Wine Estate is nestled in the unique wine region of Darling, a tranquil and wondrous part of South Africa. If the coastal areas of Constantia and Stellenbosch resemble temperate French wine regions, Darling’s fierce climate has more in common with Spain. Gnarled bush vines push their roots down eight metres into the soil in search of moisture, while the summer sun impels the grapes to concentrated ripeness.

Cloof Wine Estate has been awarded Biodiversity Champion status by the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative for the work they have done to conserve pristine natural vegetation and to rehabilitate previously cultivated areas. They produce internationally acclaimed wines packed with heady, savoury fruit flavours and firm ripe tannins that are balanced by fresh acidity preserved by the cool night-time temperatures.

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