Comte de Grasse | Côte d'Azur

Close Up Image of Comte de Grasse 44ºN Gin Bottle

Comte de Grasse is a collaborative exploration influenced by the terroir, heritage and innovation from the beautiful Côte d’Azur in France. Combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge distillation techniques they aim to reinvent the concept of luxury spirits.

Their home is the majestic perfume distillery Roure Bertrand & Fils, in Grasse, which dates back to 1820. It is here that they have been meticulously restoring the inside of this beautiful building into a hub of innovation, where traditional distilling methods meld with technologically enhanced extraction techniques.

Everything about 44ºN is unique, and deliberately so. The team is unlike any other in the industry. They embrace age-old perfume distilling techniques and apply them alongside cutting edge, scientific technologies in the production process. Ultrasonic maceration, vacuum distillation and CO2 critical extraction are some of the techniques they use to get the best out of each botanical. The distillery strives to capture the terroir of the area in 44ºN gin. They achieve that by sourcing herbs and flowers grown locally and macerating them in fresh water direct from a local water source. Even the design of bottle itself is carefully considered to capture the blue of the Mediterranean Sea to embody The French Riviera itself.