Conceito | Douro

Conceito Vineyards in Portugal's Douro Valley

Conceito Wines is a family-run business with headquarters in Cedovim, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, centred in Portugal's Douro Valley. The acquisition of the 83 hectares of vineyards around Vale da Teja started in the 1940s, but at that time only produced grapes for the Port wine houses. It was not until 2005 that Conceito began bottling its own wines, aiming for a fresh, modern approach to Port.

Rita Marques is the driving force and link that allowed the family owned company, led by her mother Carla Ferreira, to combine a storied history with the drive to embrace a new approach. Rita graduated with a degree in Oenology from Vila Real and Bordeaux and has worked side-by-side with some of the most influential winemakers in some of the most fascinating terroirs in the world including Bordeaux, California, South Africa and New Zealand.

Conceito aim for precision and complexity in their wines. The new Port portfolio from Rita Marques stays true to this intention. The range combines abundant fruit, power and elegance with packaging that speaks modernity and ambition. Conceito use a combination of traditional granite lagares for fermentation, with foot treading and mechanical equivalents, alongside more modern techniques.