Cramele Recas | Transylvania

Cramele Recas Vineyards in Romania

Founded in 1998, Cramele Recas is a premium wine estate located on the far western fringes of the Romanian region of Transylvania/Banat, near Romania's third largest city, Timisoara. In 1999, three families joined together and purchased the vineyards and winery of the local state co-operative, a large vineyard of 600 hectares which had farmed land in Recas since nationalisation in 1948. Previous to 1948 the land had belonged to German farmers, who came to the region in the 1700’s.

The vineyards, said to be some of the oldest in the world, were first planted in the area by the Romans with documents dating back to 1447 on the Recas vineyard land. Over the last 10 years, Recas has developed a range of modern, fruit driven wines that perfectly express the traditions and terroir of this ancient wine region.The emphasis here is on quality and innovation achieved by hard work, passion, and of course a great respect for the terroir.