Dal Forno Romano | Valpolicella

Dal Forno Romano Estate Vineyards in the Valpolicella Region of Northern Italy

Located in Val D’Illasi in the Valpolicella region, this artisanal wine estate was established by Romano Dal Forno in 1986. Founded on his uncompromising vision, he combined traditional practices with modern techniques to climb to the pinnacle of vintners producing wines from dried grapes.

Almost forty years later the estate is still run by the family, with his son Marco at the helm and Romano always by his side. They, and the rest of the family, all live on site and external help is only brought in at harvest; a truly family run operation.

Dal Forno Romano make three wines: a Valpolicella Superiore, an Amarone, and a sweet Recioto-style wine called Vigna Seré.

Romano found inspiration from renowned winemaker Giuseppe Quintarelli, a legend in Valpolicella and Italy. Under his expert guidance, Dal Forno Romano was able to shift from quantity-based production to an operation devoted entirely to quality. He also used his engineering nous to design several pieces of technology, notably a moveable-fan dehydration system.

Dal Forno Romano are an estate with quality, family, and innovation at their core and who produce some of the most collectable and sought-after wines in Italy.