Domaine de Durban | Beaumes de Venise

Domaine de Durban Winery & Vineyards near Beaumes de Venice

The history of Domaine de Durban dates as far back as 1159. It is located on a stunning hillside plateau overlooking the village of Beaumes-de-Venise, a site ideally situated for ripening the sweet muscat grapes used to produce the regions eponymous wines. The domaine dominates the vineyard and offers an impressive panorama. Owned by the Leydier family since the 1960’s their wines go from strength to strength, and it is brothers Henri and Philippe Leydier that oversee the running of the domaine.

Their wines tend to be highly aromatic, opulent and delicately coloured than others because they use 100% Muscat de Frontignan à petit grains blanc as opposed to Muscat de Frontignan à grains noir which most other producers in the village cultivate. This is the outstanding estate in a village otherwise dominated by a powerful co-operative and several large négociants.

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