Domaine Eleni et Édouard Vocoret | Chablis

Domaine Eleni et Édouard Vocoret Chablis Vineyards

Édouard's family owns Domaine Vocoret & Fils, a well known and large Chablis domaine, with over 50 hectares of vineyards including six Chablis Premiers Crus and are renowned for their traditionally styled wines.

Edouard and Eleni met each other in 2010 while in New Zealand working a vintage, then returned to Chablis to run a small plot of 3.3 hectares in Édouard's family vineyard.

The pair of young winemakers are currently producing two wines: Chablis "Bas de Chapelot" and Chablis 1er Cru "Butteaux." Bas de Chapelot comes from 3ha just beneath Montée de Tonnerre while the Butteaux parcel is 0.3ha. Vincent Dauvissat is a mentor and a source of inspiration for the Vocorets.