Domaine Fiona Leroy | Maranges

Domaine Fiona Leroy vineyards in Maranges, Burgundy

Established in the Maranges AOC by the young, and dynamic, producer Fiona Leroy this is an exciting 2.70 hectare organic domaine. It is situated in the attractive and secluded village of Dezize-Les-Maranges at the most southerly point of the Côte de Beaune. It is one of the region’s most ecologically diverse villages, with woods, pastures, rivers, hills, valleys, livestock farming and wild fauna. 

Fiona has embraced the sentiment of her environment and carries out all viticultural practices organically and biodynamically- using infusions and decoctions of horn manure, silica, horsetail, nettle and achillea. She only employs manual work in the vines – using a small caterpillar tractor for ploughing and all harvesting is by hand. Winemaking is simple, traditional and free from artifice and no new oak is used, in order to preserve the nuances of her individual terroir's. Sulphur dioxide is used sparingly, if at all. The reds are neither fined nor filtered, whilst her whites receive a light filtration only.