Domaine Huet | Vouvray

Horse ploughing Domaine Huet Vouvray Vineyards

Domaine Huet produces some of the greatest expressions of Chenin Blanc anywhere in the word and is widely regarded among the Loire Valley’s most reputable wine estates. Founded in 1928 by Victor Huet, it was his son, the late Gaston Huet, who helped to establish the domaine’s reputation for producing exceptional wines. Encompassing 30 hectares overlooking the village of Vouvray, Domaine Huet is famed for its three single vineyards; Le Haut Lieu, Le Clos du Bourg and Le Mont.

Biodynamic farming was introduced to Domaine Huet in 1990 but, in a sense, the Vouvray wine estate which was founded in 1928, has always followed the will of the cosmos, responding to climate and the earth’s effect on its Chenin Blanc vines. This versatile grape is used for dry, demi-sec, sweet and sparkling wines. In warmer years, only sweet wine is produced, while cooler vintages mean sparkling and drier white wines are vinified. It is simply not Domaine Huet’s way to force the matter and lower quality thresholds to meet quotas, if the grapes are not right for a certain wine, it will not be produced.

In 2002, when Gaston Huet passed away at the age of 92, New York businessman Anthony Hwang invested in the winery and continuity was assured with Gaston Huet’s son-in-law Noël Pinguet continuing in the role of winemaker, which he’d held since 1971, with his assistant Jean-Bernard Berthomé as chef de cave. On Pinguet’s retirement in 2012, Berthomé took over as chief winemaker for Domaine Huet wines.

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