Domaine Lafarge Vial | Fleurie

Domaine Lafarge Vial Fleurie Vineyards

Lafarge Vial is a new chapter in the adventures of Frédéric and Chantal Lafarge, husband and wife team at the iconic Burgundy estate Domaine Lafarge in Volnay. Deciding that they both wanted to invest in something together that would be entirely their own creation, the new project is an equal partnership, reflected in the inclusion of both their names for the domaine’s title and on the label (Vial is Chantal’s maiden name).

The couple began their new venture in the Spring of 2014 when they managed to acquire several parcels in Fleurie (often seen as the palest and prettiest of the 10 Beaujolais Crus) and one small adjoining plot in Chiroubles, allowing them to produced three cuvées in their first vintage; Chiroubles, Fleurie Bel Air and Fleurie Clos Vernay.

In true Lafarge fashion, each wine reflects its individual and specific vineyard origin. Frédéric and Chantal immediately began working all acquired vineyards biodynamically, with the same intention and detailed observation as for their Côte d’Or vineyards.

Following a few additional vineyard purchases, the domaine’s total surface area increased to 4.1 hectares for the 2015 vintage. This includes the acquisition of the gorgeous, high altitude, old vine plot of Joie du Palais in Fleurie. Here the steep slopes require horse-plowing, for which the Lafarges recruit Max, a beautiful gray horse who also spends time working Olivier Merlin’s vineyard in Moulin à Vent.

All the wines here are made with minimum intervention, no new oak and certainly no carbonic maceration.