Domaine Morin Langaran | Languedoc Rousillon

A view across the Étang de Thau from Séte

First established in 1330, the vineyards of Domaine Morin Langaran are located close to the Étang de Thau and run alongside the Via Domitia. The property originally belonged to the Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit; however, during the religious wars, monks abandoned their properties. Several families took care of the vineyard until François Engarran acquired the property and gave it its current name in 1595. The estate stayed in the Engarran family until 1652.

In 1966, the Morin family (winegrowers from father to son since 1830) became the vineyard’s owner under Albert Morin’s authority. Nowadays, the vineyard stretches over 58 hectares, 36 devoted to white grapes and 22 to red grapes, and it is totally under the AOP Picpoul de Pinet. Following on from her father, Caroline Morin, a young and dynamic winemaker, brings out the best of this excellent terroir producing wines of great finesse and a lovely minerality.