Domaine Vacheron | Sancerre

Domaine Vacheron Collection

Domaine Vacheron was founded over 120 years ago when Maurice Vacheron purchased his first hectare of vineyard in the heart of Sancerre. Today, at the helm of the winery are 4th generation cousins Jean-Laurent and Jean-Dominique, who have worked tirelessly to make Domaine Vacheron one of the most highly respected and admired producers of the Sancerre AOC.

The pioneering style of the Domaine is that of the Burgundians - vinifying by terroir and blends varying from year to year. The wines come fro 10 to 60+ year old vines, all farmed following biodynamic principles since 2005. Yields are kept deliberately low, grapes are meticulously hand-harvested and the final wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined according to the lunar cycle. Vacheron produce some of the purest mineral wines in Sancerre.