Domaine Vincent Dauvissat | Chablis

Domaine Vincent Dauvissat Chablis Vineyards

Domaine Vincent Dauvissat is arguably one of the finest domaines in Chablis renowned for producing truly authentic wines of great character, purity and minerality. It was Robert Dauvissat who created the domaine in the 1920s; however, its reputation was established by his son René who managed the domaine for many years. Vincent started working with his father in the 1970's and is now at the helm alongside his children, Etiennette and Ghislain.

Vincent Dauvissat's aim is to hand-tend vines with the highest respect for nature possible and to harvest fully ripe fruit that will result in wines which reflect their origins. This means Vincent often picks later than his peers, as he searches for full phenolic ripeness. Winemaking is low intervention, to allow the pure fruit and vineyards' terroirs to shine through in the wines. Dauvissat's wines have a purity and intensity of flavour seldom encountered in Chablis today.