Domaine Vincent Pinard | Sancerre

Vincent Pinard Wine Bottle Cork with Corkscrew

Domaine Vincent Pinard is a 15 hectare estate that extends over steep limestone slopes around Bué in the heart of Sancerre. Arguably one of the finest producers in the region Vincent has some of the very best vineyard sites around Sancerre, including prized holdings in the famous Clos du Chêne Marchand. Excessively low yields, hand harvesting a new modern winery, complete with temperature controlled vats, result in enticing, aromatic and intense wines. Although not certified organic, they do not use any pesticides in the vineyard. The new oak barrels are reserved for the Nuance, and Harmonie cuvées, together with the delicious Charlouise red. The former is from a vineyard called Le Château and is fermented and aged in one- to two-year-old wood, the latter is a supremely balanced and fine Vieilles Vignes blend fermented in new oak. Vincent’s impressive portfolio is not confined to Sauvignon Blanc either – he owns 3.5 hectares of Pinot Noir which he matures in barrel for a year before bottling and labelling it Charlouise.