Durigutti Family Winemakers | Patagonia

Durigutti Family Winemakers Vineyards in Mendoza

Brothers Hector and Pablo are passionate about expressing the characteristics of Argentina’s various terroir's along with freshness and bright, focused fruit. Originally from Mendoza, they have produced wines at properties in Italy, Argentina and Chile. Then, in 2002, Hector and Pablo began their own family winery. 

The brothers explore and champion terroir's beyond Mendoza under their Aguijón de Abeja range, ‘bee sting’, which pays homage to the laborious work of the bee! They look for distinct viticultural regions in Argentina and find the variety that best represents each province. They produce a Malbec from Neuquén province in Patagonia and Bonarda from the Catamarca province. Malbec vines were planted back in 1930 and Bonarda in 1938. Both are aged in French oak, the former for seven months and the latter for six months.