Ferraton Père & Fils | Hermitage

Maison Ferraton Père & Fils, Hermitage Northern Rhône

Ferraton Père et Fils was founded in 1946 by Jean-Orëns Ferraton with a small holding in Hermitage. The family business was expanded under his son Michel Ferraton, who bought vineyards in Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage which produce a number of critically acclaimed, site-specific wines. In addition to this he established a high-quality negociant division, producing superior wines from the length of the Rhône Valley. In 1998 Michel Chapoutier entered into a joint venture with the Ferraton's, eventually buying it in 2004, which has resulted in the creation of a small, youthful and dynamic business, independent of Chapoutier but underpinned by its expertise and finance. The vines here are worked as they are at Chapoutier, with the best sites marketed as single-vineyard wines and the estate has gone onto become a firm proponent of organic and biodynamic farming, with an increasing number of wines produced according to these principles. In 2013 the entire vinification facility and cellars were updated with state-of-the-art equipment and fermentation tanks sized to their vineyard parcels.

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