Feudi di San Gregorio | Campania

The Feudi di San Gregorio Winey in Sorbo Serpico

Established in 1986 by the Capaldo and Ercolino families, Feudi di San Gregorio are situated in the village of Sorbo Serpico, one of the most traditional and ancient wine-producing areas in all Italy where records show wine being made as early as 590 AD.

Although only recently established the estate has won over both classicists and modernists by adopting a modern spin on the regions unique grape varieties, sourced from vineyards close to Mount Vesuvius. The volcano's legendary eruptions have laden the sandstone and marl soil with mineral-rich deposits of volcanic ash, forming a unique composition that imparts highly distinctive aromas and flavours to the wine.

As well as investing in a spectacular multi-million euro winery, Feudi di San Gregorio has invested heavily in research identifying clones and examining the soil composition of each vineyard to determine factors which will unlock the potential of the key indigenous grapes such as Fiano, Greco, Falanghina and Aglianico.

This is an amazing winery with a range of amazing wines.

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