Fog Monster | California

Fog blowing into California from the Pacific Ocean

Fog Monster Wines was started by Andrea Mullineux and her husband Chris in 2012. Andrea grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied winemaking at UC Davis before working several vintages in Napa and then travelling to learn in wine regions abroad. On a stint in the South of France she met Chris, and they settled in South Africa where they started and run Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines.

Andrea and Chris spend time in California visiting family and friends, but are never far from vineyards and wine, and when a friend showed them an incredible old vineyard one day and suggested that they make wine in California as well, they couldn't say no!

The Fog Monster name was inspired by the strong and sometimes dominant influence the fog off the Pacific Ocean has on the terroir of Coastal Californian vineyards. California is a warm place with abundant sunshine, but warm periods are moderated by the cooling fog, resulting in wines of refreshing intensity.