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Four Roses Bourbon Warehouses and Distilling Facility

Founded by Paul Jones Jr. Four Roses is the only bourbon distillery that combines five proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills to produce ten distinct Bourbon Recipes, each with their own unique character, spiciness, and rich fruity flavours. When it comes to ageing, Four Roses don’t rush to get their whiskies out and the extra time spent in the barrel not only adds a deeper flavour, but also allows the whisky to become more mellow. In four out of the last five years, Four Roses has been voted ‘Best US Whiskey Distillery’ by Whisky Advocate magazine, and has consistently won Best in Class across multiple bourbon categories. In 2012 the Limited Edition Small Batch was voted ‘best American whiskey’, a tribute to the care and attention that goes into producing their exceptionally mellow bourbons, and to the skill of the master distiller and his team.

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