Gašper | Goriška Brda

Gašper Goriška Brda Vineyards

Located in Goriška Brda, the Gašper wine estate is a joint venture between a local co operative and the Čarman family, who have been in the hospitality and wine industry for over 50 years. Tended by 250 members, Gašper’s 1100 hectares of vineyards are characterised by ‘opoka’ marl soil and excellent sun exposure on their terraced, hillside rows. They also benefit from high elevations, ranging from 80 to 200 metres above sea level, which helps the grapes retain acidity and aromatics. Hand harvesting is undertaken by the cooperative’s partners, family members and friends, allowing for a careful selection of fruit that enhances the quality of the final wine. At the helm of the cellar is Darinko Ribolica, a respected oenologist from Goriška Brda.