Gibson's Goodology

Gibson's Goodology Super-Premium CBD Drinks

Gibson's Goodology is a new and exciting super premium Cannabidiol (CBD) drink experience, born from an irrepressible belief in the power of human goodness and positivity. CBD unlocks the body’s natural processes to regulate certain functions and is believed to help restore the body's natural harmony. The human body naturally tries to fight things like inflammation, seizures, muscle spasms and general anxiety. CBD attaches to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to help the body more efficiently regulate itself. This increased efficiency highlights CBD’s ability to promote homeostasis, or balance, and overall wellness.

The Gibson's Goodology range has been expertly balanced to help rejuvenate, revitalise and energise your spirits. Made with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners they contain just five natural ingredients: tea, fruit puree, agave, lemon juice and 25mg of water soluble CBD; presently the highest serve dosage in the UK. These drinks are a delightful balance of high quality tea flavours and natural fruit juices, with no CBD aftertaste. They are triple lab tested for the highest CBD quality, are Food Standards Agency regulations compliant, and contain only CBD. We feel that they provide a perfect antidote to the raft of sugary sodas, high caffeine energy drinks and even alcoholic cocktails; however, they are tremendously versatile and would work perfectly as a mixer with your favourite gin perhaps!