Grand Tokaj |Tokaj-Hegyalja

Vineyards of Grand Tokaj in Hungary

Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in the historic, UNESCO World Heritage, Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region. Founded by the Hungarian State in 1948, Grand Tokaj is the flagship producer in the region and famed for its sweet Aszú wines which are made using traditional winemaking techniques dating back to the 1630’s.

To make Aszú, a base wine is made in September from healthy grapes, then from mid-October, raisin-like, sugar-rich Aszú grapes are handpicked into ‘puttony’ baskets and lightly crushed. Either 3, 4, 5 or 6 ‘puttony’ (25 kg) of Aszú grapes are added to 136 litres of base wine which then undergoes maceration and a second fermentation. The wine is then aged in small oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years and a further 9 months in bottle before release. Aszú wines are delicious drunk on their own or with nuts, foie gras, blue cheese and most desserts.

The wines of Grand Tokaj are made under the supervision of Károly Áts (winner of the title ’Winemaker of the Year’ in 2012 and famed for his 100 points Essencia wine) who has been the chief oenologist since 2013.