Greece | Thessaly

The Thessaly wine region lies at the heart of continental Greece and has always been one of the country’s commercial and cultural hubs. The best vineyards grow on mountain slopes on the boundaries of the region, where the grapes are superior in quality to those growing in the heavy and rich in organic matter soils of the Thessaly plain. Water is abundant since several rivers, the most important being the Pineios, are used for irrigation and the snow in nearby mountains does not melt until late spring. High yields are not unusual in the vineyards of the Thessaly plain.

Within Thessaly, there are three PDO areas: Rapsani, Mesenikola, and Anchialos. Rapsani is considered an up-and-coming region and is located near to the valley of Tempi alongside the mountain of Ossa. The vineyards in Rapsani are planted so that they have a southeast exposure to the sun. The grape varietals that are grown in Rapsani include Xinomavro, Krassato, and Stavroto – all of which are red. Mesenikola is located in the lower lying lands of Thessaly. Mavro Messsenikola wine is produced here, which is a blend of local and international grape varietals. In Anchialos the vineyards are planted along the Pagassitikos Bay coastline. This area is known for the growth of white grape varietals and the production of white wines.