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Groot Constantia Wine Farm and Vineyards beneath Table Mountain

Founded in 1685 Groot Constantia is South Africa's oldest wine producing estate and one of the country's most visited tourist attractions. In 1679 Simon van der Stel was appointed by the Dutch East India Company to govern the Cape of Good Hope. After years of loyal service, he requested land from the Company and so in 1685 he chose approximately 760 hectares behind Table Mountain for its wine-growing potential and magnificent scenery. He named his farm 'Constantia' after the Latin word for constancy or steadfastness, attributes he valued greatly. Over the years the wines produced on the estate received world acclaim from influential people across the globe including Napoleon, Bismarck and King Louis Philippe of France, who was the biggest single buyer of Groot Constantia wines. The estate had to be sold to the Cape government after phylloxera ravaged the vineyards and today it is now owned by the Groot Constantia Trust, with the aim of preserving and maintaining the cultural heritage of the estate for posterity.

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