Heitz Cellar | Napa County

Heitz Cellar in California's Napa Valley

Heitz Cellar was founded by pioneering Napa growers Joe and Alice Heitz in 1961, making it one of the Valley’s most historic addresses. The flagship wine has always been Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, the first vintage of which was 1966. It was Napa Valley’s very first vineyard designate wine. They are truly the old world of the New World with a curious method of vinification that eschews malolactic fermentation in the reds, a practice which remains unchanged to this day. Ageing takes place in huge wooden vats for one year, followed by a full three years in French oak barriques.

In 2018 Heitz was purchased by Gaylon Laurence, a billionaire businessman, and the additional investments look set to take Heitz to the next level while staying true to their iconoclastic style. Far from being concocted “trophy” wines, these, above all, are designed to be highly drinkable and to give great pleasure for decades. They are classic Napa Cabernets of great pedigree and sophistication - a chance to experience Napa Valley as it was all those years ago.