Herdade do Esporão | Alentejo


Herdade do Esporão is located 170km from Lisbon, integrated in Alentejo DOC in Reguengos de Monsaraz sub-region. Alentejo is characterised by hot and dry summers, mild springs and autumns and cold, dry winters. With a landscape dominated by vast plains and cork oak forests, it is the largest wine producing region in Portugal.

The Herdade do Esporão estate measures 1840 hectares with geographical boundaries that have remained unchanged since 1267. It offers unique agricultural conditions - large temperature variations, 7 different types of soil and an extraordinarily rich biodiversity that supports the ecosystem. Boasting 441 hectares of vineyards, 93 hectares of olive groves and other crops that are certified organic, the Estate is planted with approximately 40 grape varieties, 2 olive varieties, as well as orchard's and vegetable gardens.

Within the estate there is also an 11 hectare ampelographic field; a living library where 189 different native and international grape varieties are grown. Here the Esporão team preserves unique varieties, studies their production potential and their adaptability to climate change.

From the 2019 vintage onwards all wines produced with the estate's own grapes have organic certification.