Hewitson | Barossa Valley

Kangaroo in Hewitson vineyard

Hewitson was founded in 1998 by winemaker Dean Hewitson's driving passion to produce uniquely expressive wines from the great vineyards of South Australia's famous wine regions. These regions are the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. They are home to some of Australia's, and indeed the world's, oldest and most treasured vineyards, such as the Old Garden - the oldest Mourvèdre vineyard in the world, planted in 1853 and completely dry grown.

Dean has always worked with the great vineyards, maintaining the traditions and techniques that have stood the test of time over centuries. From the beginning Hewitson has combined Old-World winemaking techniques with New-World knowledge and understanding. The importance of great wine requiring great oak is significant for Hewitson. All the red wines finish fermentation in French oak barrels especially made and imported. Each vineyard is specifically kept separate throughout fermentation and maturation to preserve its terroir, or unique character.

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