Inverroche | South Africa

Inverroche Letters on Wall

The Inverroche Distillery is based in Still Bay, on the southern coast of South Africa, and takes its name from a combination of the owners’ ancestral roots and the local area where their gins are made. “Inver” is a Scottish word meaning ‘a confluence of water’. “Roche” is a French word meaning ‘rock or stone’. Together they combine to perfectly describe Still Bay, also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty.

Unique to Inverroche are the elements of Still Bay that come together to create a rare ecosystem called Fynbos. This small and unique belt of natural vegetation is home to 9,500 different species of plants and vegetation with 70% of them only growing in the area around Still Bay. And Inverroche is the very first gin to capture the unique flavours of the Fynbos.

Everything about Inverroche is hand-crafted. It showcases the skills and savoir-faire of the local people. They combine with the unique botanicals to create a luxury, award-winning drink experience.