IXSIR | Batroun, Lebanon

IXSIR Winery & Vineyards Batroun, Lebanon

Al-Iksir, meaning Elixir, is the purest form of all substances, a secret potion that grants eternal youth and love. Ixsir was therefore chosen as a fitting name for a new project established by a group of friends who share the desire of creating the finest wines Lebanon has to offer, and have been willing to spare no expense in realising their dream.

The winery is situated beneath an historic manor house in Basbina and its breathtaking blending of sleek modern lines with ancient heritage has earned it acclaim as one of CNN’s greenest buildings of 2011. The Altitudes wines are named after the exceptional 1000-metre-plus terroirs of the Bekaa valley and they are pure and unoaked, whereas the Grande Réserve wines are powerful, rich and barrel aged.

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