Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix | Libourne

Inside Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix Wine Warehouse - Libourne, Bordeaux

The Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix were founded in 1937 by the late Mr. Jean-Pierre Moueix on the Quai du Priourat in Libourne, Bordeaux and remain today a family business. They worked exclusively with the relatively unknown wines of the "Right Bank", particularly concentrating on Pomerol and St-Émilion.

In the 1950s, Jean-Pierre grew the merchanting business but also, very astutely, began to acquire his own properties, including several estates which are hugely sought-after, amongst them, notably, Châteaux Trotanoy and La Fleur-Pétrus in Pomerol and Château Magdelaine in Saint-Émilion. The highlight of his career was the acquisition of Château Petrus. He entrusted its care to his son Christian for 38 vintages. Jean-François Moueix, his elder son, inherited the property and in 2009 took over the management. 

Today, Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix is responsible for the distribution of many of the most revered wines of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol which, to a great extent, they have helped to put on the map. In a relatively short time the wines of the Right Bank, totally overlooked in the 1855 classification of the wines of Bordeaux, have risen from obscurity to the heights of worldwide demand.

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