Ken Forrester Vineyards | Stellenbosch, South Africa

Ken Forrester Vineyards in Stellenbosch South Africa

Ken Forrester represents the true pioneering spirit of the post-apartheid South African wine industry. Drawing on the examples of top Loire whites, he has used his uniquely placed Chenin Blanc vines to maximum effect and has single-handedly led a Chenin Blanc quality revolution; in fact Ken is now known as 'Mr Chenin' and his wines such as the FMC have achieved iconic status worldwide.

The Helderberg vineyards Ken discovered also contained what were at the time the only plantings of Grenache in Stellenbosch, dating back to 1953 and helped create what was in 1996 a unique South African blend of Shiraz and Grenache - a blend that now finds expression in wines such as The Renegade or the silky fine red The Gypsy.

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