La Riojana | La Rioja

La Riojana Vineyard Growers in Argentina

La Riojana, is a Fairtrade-Certified co-operative winery based in Argentina’s remote La Rioja wine region. The Famatina Valley offers ideal grape-growing conditions, its powerful sunlight, low rainfall and high altitudes yielding wines with supreme balance and intense yet delicate flavours.

La Riojana has a social mission too: to lift local people out of poverty, empower them to become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life. La Riojana provides work for 1,000 families and offers fair prices for their grapes as well as benefits like insurance and education programmes. La Riojana’s development work has seen schools and clinics built, and pumps renovated to supply villages with clean water for the first time in years. Every bottle of Santa Florentina wine, made by La Riojana, sold helps to build communities and improve lives.

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