Lagar de Cervera | Rías Baixes

Lagar de Cervera Vineyards in Rías Baixes

In 1988, La Rioja Alta, was looking for somewhere to branch out into new wine-making fields in Galicia and as such bought into Bodega Fernández Cervera Hermanos a family owned property for which wine was more a hobby than a true business venture. It acquired a majority interest in the business, and soon was able to buy the entire company, changing the name to Lagar de Fornelos.

Aware that the only secret when making good Albariño is to use exquisite grapes, La Rioja Alta started to enlarge the five hectares of original vineyards, gradually buying more land after overcoming the problem of small plots which are predominant in this area. They achieved a total of 75 hectares among Viña Cervera, Carballo, Seoane and Tamuxe, in O Rosal (60 hectares) and Viña Deiro (15 hectares) in Cambados.

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