Le Colture | Valdobbiadene

Le Colture Prosecco Vineyards Italy

The Le Colture family winery is located in the village of Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, the heart of Italy’s Prosecco country. It is here, high in the lush, green hills around Cartizze (the epicentre of the finest Prosecco production) that the Ruggeri family has been tending its vineyards since the 1500s. Centuries of winemaking heritage are upheld today at Le Colture by Cesare and Renato Ruggeri. Made from mature (20-25 year old), low-yielding vines planted on terraces and worked by hand, Le Colture Prosecco is made exclusively from grapes grown on the estate. Rare in the world of Prosecco, this is crucial to the quality of Le Colture’s wines, allowing the family to maintain high standards and consistency of style.

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