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Librandi | Calabria

Librandi Vineyards in Calabri, Southern Italy

Librandi is to be found in Cirò Marina, a small town in the southern Italian region of Calabria (the tip of Italy's boot), on the splendid Ionian coastline. The winery was founded in 1950 by Antonio and Nicodemo Librandi and today is run by Nicodemo, his two sons Paolo and Raffaele, his nephew Francesco and his niece Teresa. The Librandi family are acutely aware of the benefits of technology and work closely with consultants and academics studying local varieties, clones and vineyard density; their concentric vineyard, which resembles a crop circle, is just one example of this. The vineyards are planted with both local varietals (Gaglioppo, Magliocco and Mantonico) and international varietals, they also have experimental vineyards planted with ancient local varietals. The wines of Librandi reflect the philosophy perfectly, with modern, clean, pure fruit, melded together with distinct local character. This approach has seen them become the benchmark for the wine region.




Librandi Duca Sanfelice Cirò Classico Superiore Riserva 2018

From £17.00 - per bottle
Librandi's finest expression of the Gaglioppo grape sourced from the family's oldest vineyard... Read More...

Librandi Cirò Rosato Segno 2021

From £11.50 - per bottle
A delicious, versatile Rosato wine made from the local Gaglioppo grape... Read More...

Librandi Cirò Bianco Segno 2020

From £11.50 - per bottle
A fresh and zesty Greco that brings memories of summer and holiday happiness... Read More...