Lievland Vineyards | Stellenbosch

Lievland Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Lievland Vineyards is situated within a horseshoe-shaped valley on the northwestern slope of the Simonsberg mountain, at the northern end of Stellenbosch, along what is referred to as the Simonsberg “Golden Mile” of wine estates. Lievland is one of the most venerable estates in Stellenbosch that has recently come under the ownership of two Cape stalwarts, José Stark-Condé and Tyrell Myburgh, partners in MAN Family Wines and who have grand plans to return the property to its illustrious former standing. 

The unique bowl-shape of the farm gives it a wide range of microclimates with south, west, and north-facing slopes and elevations from 590-1475 feet. The farm consists of mainly clay-rich decomposed granite soils. Its sheltered position makes for cooler-than-average conditions for Stellenbosch as well as protection against the harsher southern winds.