Loxwood Meadworks | West Sussex

Loxwood Meadworks LogoLoxwood Meadworks is a modern meadery that has taken a fresh approach to rediscovering the original, sweet, medieval honey wine - mead. The inspiration for this new venture came about when founder, Danny Bacon, was selling mead for The Loxwood Joust, a medieval festival he runs. Seeing how much people loved the traditional mead, he considered what had happened to this drink and why did no one really drink mead anymore? Danny was convinced he could bring back the joy of mead, but in a more modern way, and so he found a team of people to help him re-imagine every aspect of what a modern mead could be and, together, Loxwood Meadworks was created. Today, as part of the Loxwood ethos, the team are committed to protecting their workers - the bees - and so each year they donate a percentage of their profits to bee charities such as the Bee Friendly Trust.