Manly Spirits Co. Distillery | Sydney

Fish underwater in Sydney, Australia

Manly Spirits Co. is an artisan distillery based in the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. They take inspiration from the stunning marine environment of Sydney harbour and Manly Beach to produce exceptional spirits with unique botanical flavours. 

The team at Manly Spirits pride themselves as an ethical and sustainable producer and marketer of craft spirits. Sustainability is at their core pervading most elements in how they run their business. The distillery is powered by the Australian sun through a 30kw array of solar panels on it’s roof. The power runs down cables to run our pumps, mixers, boilers and chillers that are necessary to produce their range of spirits and when they are not using the power it is fed back into the grid. The distillery is designed with energy efficiency features such as producing their hot water for mashing from the heat generated by distilling. Ways to minimise, reuse and recycle waste are always on their mind and they aim to avoid wastes to landfill as much as is possible.

Manly Spirits’ unapologetically bold flavours come from the nature around them. They use locally foraged and sustainably sourced Australian native marine botanicals to create vibrant, perfectly balanced products such as their Australian Dry Gin, Coastal Citrus Gin, Marine Botanical Vodka and Terra Firma Botanical Vodka.

It really is the Aussie a bottle!