Maturana Wines | Colchagua Valley

Manturana Wines Vineyards in Colchagua Valley, Chile

Like so many others, Jose Ignacio Maturana saw his family house and vineyards destroyed by Chile's major earthquake in 2010. As a result, he was forced to rebuild his business, and as such he took the decision to focus on premium wines that would perfectly reflect their terroir. With that in mind, José Ignacio, former chief winemaker at renowned quality-focused winery Casa Silva, travelled to Burgundy in 2011 to make wine during the Chilean winter. There, he immersed himself in the techniques used in the region, aiming to understand from within how small producers were working traditionally to make high-end wines.

Once back in Chile, he and his family started the production of unique wines that they hoped would display a sense of place and that represent a way of life. Together they created Maturana Wines, a project based on vines of more than 70 years old, which are worked completely by hand and following organic principles. In the winery, fermentation starts spontaneously using wild yeasts, allowing the juice to ferment slowly and develop complexity, as well as keeping a native touch. The wines are produced with minimal intervention to retain fruit expression and the character of the particular vintage.

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