McWilliam's Wines | Hanwood, Australia

McWilliam's Vineyards Hanwood New South Wales

Few have helped shape the evolution of the Australian wine industry like McWilliam’s Wines. From humble beginnings on the outskirts of Corowa in 1877, the philosophy of putting quality of fruit first has ensured that McWilliam’s continues to be one of Australia’s most popular, respected and iconic wineries.

Since 1877, when founder Samuel McWilliam first planted vines on the banks of the Murray River in New South Wales, the McWilliam family have produced six consecutive generations of winemakers. The wines they make are more than just quality, award-winning wines. They are wines that tell the story of the McWilliam family and a century long love affair with winemaking.

McWilliam’s Wines is 100% owned by the McWilliam family and were a founding member of Australia's First Families of Wine.

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