M.O.B | Dão

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Founded in 2010, M.O.B stands for the three Portuguese winemakers behind this project, Quinta de La Rosa’s winemaker and owner of Quinta de Poeira Jorge Moreira, Quinta de Vale Meao’s Francisco Olazabal and Passadouro winemaker and co-owner of Wine and Soul, Jorge Serôdio Borges. Having been colleagues and friends since their oenology university days they decided to take their friendship to the next level and make wine together, but outside of the Douro and in a region which they all feel has incredible potential for producing quality wines with ageing potential. This region is in the Dão Valley, where the poor granite soils and the marked cool nights produce pure, linear style wines.

The trio bought the 10-hectare Seia vineyard which, is one of the latest ripening Dấo vineyards, preserving all the freshness and fruit allowing the team to make very delicate wines. The winemakers have recently extended their holdings in the elevated Serra da Estrela sub-region, acquiring five hectares of very old vines in Gouveia. They utilise an organic approach in the vineyards and hone their skills together, as a team, to create wines with true varietal character and unassailable elegance. With a host of new wines, this exciting collaboration goes from strength to strength.