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Marelise Niemann, winemaker and founder of Momento wines, has been making wine at well-known South African producer Beaumont Wines since 2007. In her free time she has been travelling all over the world to Spain, Portugal, France and the US in search of knowledge and inspiration for her own remarkable micro-bottled wines. Marelise’s travels have inspired her to explore the individuality of South Africa’s soils and vineyards and to embrace new methods such as open concrete tanks, whole bunches and natural yeasts.

Momento Grenache was the first release by Marelise, having been inspired by a stint of working with the variety in the Priorat wine region of Spain. She has since added two more wines to the Momento range: a Chenin Blanc/Verdelho blend and Momento Tinta Barocca.

Marelise works with vines from all corners of the Western Cape, searching for grape parcels that truly express the region and soil it stands in; mostly from older and sometimes dryland bushvines. Her winemaking approach is gentle and ‘hands-off’, respecting the grape and its place, and allowing the wine to express its own character and origin.

Momento are at the apex of the current thrilling revolution in the South African wine scene. Tiny, local and genuinely hand crafted.

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