Monte del Frà | Veneto

Monte del Frà House & Winery amongst vineyards

Monte del Frà (meaning 'land of the monks') gets its name from the late 15th century, when a group of Friars formed a monastery on the land. Some hundred years later, the friars leased 25 hectares for the cultivation of vineyards and fruit trees. You can, in fact, still see this document today in the Vienna's historic library.

Fast forward several centuries, and Monte del Frà is now in the very capable hands of the Bonomo family. For over six decades the family have farmed this land, now resting firmly with the third generation; Marica, Silvia and Massimo Bonuomo. In tandem with their growing connection to the land, the family has worked increasingly towards sustainable agriculture. And what a location for that endeavour; bordering the Venetian prealps to the North and Lake Garda to the West, this is nothing short of picturesque. The mountains mitigate the cold wines from Northern Europe and the vast lake mitigates both cold winters and hot summers. Moronic hills - formed by prehistoric glaciers - make this area particularly favourable for a plethora of local grape varieties, selected carefully for each wine.