Muré | Alsace

Muré Clos Saint Landelin Vineyards in Alsace

Thomas and Véronique Muré are the twelfth generation of this Alsace winemaking family, and have instituted two major changes since taking over from their father. First, they started harvesting their grapes earlier, resulting in drier, crisper and more age-worthy wines that are also more versatile matches for food. More recently they have converted their entire production to organic.

While the family’s own vineyards have been farmed organically since 1999, the entry-level range, which includes fruit from other growers, followed suit from the 2015 vintage. The extra care entailed in applying biodynamic practices throughout the vineyards (horn manure, horn silica, horsetail, compost etc.) contributes to healthy, well aerated soils, as well as to increased flora and fauna and the general well-being of the vines, resulting in the remarkable harmony which characterises the wines of Clos Saint Landelin. The estate’s 25 hectares (62 acres) have both biodynamic (Demeter) and organic (Ecocert) certification, demonstrating that no chemical or synthetic products are used.

Attention to detail and precision of style are Muré trademarks; the entry-level wines are beautiful varietal expressions, while those from the Clos St Landelin capture the essence of this very special Grand Cru. Muré’s southerly location also allows them to make arguably the greatest red wines in Alsace.