Neudorf Vineyards | Nelson

Neudorf Vineyard Winery in Nelson, New Zealand

Tim and Judy Finn planted their first vines in the late 1970s, alongside the tiny hamlet of Neudorf in Nelson, New Zealand. While the Finns initially earned an international reputation for their concentrated, minerally Chardonnay and taut, racy Riesling, it is their elegant and complex Pinot Noir which has attracted recent attention.

The Neudorf Moutere Vineyards are all organic and dry farmed (not irrigated). The Moutere Chardonnay, Moutere Pinot Noir, Moutere Riesling and Moutere Albariño wines are all Bio-Gro Certified and Rosie’s Block Chardonnay is awaiting certification. Neudorf consider their wines fit into the natural wine category if a smidgeon of sulphur is included in the ever wavering definition and the wines are vegan.

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