Ökonomierat Rebholz | Pfalz

A view over the Pfalz from Ökonomierat Rebholz Vineyards

Located in the southern Pfalz region of Germany, Ökonomierat Rebholz, is a great name in German wine circles and a pioneer in organic and natural winemaking. The title 'Ökonomierat' is an honorary title conferred upon a deserving agriculturist and was awarded to the late Eduard Rebholz (1889-1966) for his pioneering work in the vineyards.

This tradition continues with the current generation; Birgit and Hansjörg Rebholz together with their children Hans, Valentin and Helene work as close to nature as possible. The Rebholz estate has been certified organic since 2005 and practising biodynamic since 2006. In an effort to promote a healthy ecosystem and to protect the environment, they forgo the use of herbicides, synthetic fungicides and mineral fertilisers. They use only organic and biodynamic techniques and materials that promote healthy plants, helping the vines grow strong and prosper naturally. While these methods involve more time and effort, it is a price they are willing to accept in order to best protect and preserve the biodiversity within their vineyards.

Possessing some of the finest vineyard sites in the Pfalz on a smorgasbord of different soils, Hansjorg and his team craft a broad range of wines. Riesling sits at the core making up 40% of the plantings, supported by some of Germany’s finest and most focussed Pinot Blancs, a concise selection of top level Spatburgunders and some truly classy, balanced Sekts.