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Wine By Grape Variety | Petite Sirah (Durif)

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Petite Sirah (also known as Durif) is a red wine grape variety popular in North America. In the Americas the grape is known as Petite Sirah while in the rest of the world it is described as Durif.

The grape variety takes its name from Dr. Francois Durif who discovered it in 1880 in the Rhone Valley, France.

It is primarily grown in the Riverina and Riverland districts of Australia, California, Washington State, Ontario, France and Israel. High tannins and acidity are signature characteristics of the Petite Sirah grape which offers great ageing potential to the wines.

Historically it was used as a blending element to add body and structure to weaker wines, but it is now gaining greater recognition for the production of quality single varietal wines. The flavour profile includes blackberry, chocolate and black pepper notes with subtler liquorice and herbal overtones.



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Bedrock Wine Co. The Whole Shebang Fourteenth Cuvée

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Secret Indulgence American Vintage 2015

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A red blend of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah the label takes inspiration from the American dream. Read More...
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